Rule #1 Everything Starts With Visual

Let us begin with the reason this guide is published.

Are you an Entrepreneur or the “IT guy”?

An ambitious entrepreneur has a great idea to kick off his eCommerce web store, he has no experience in web development, he started to learn from Mr. Google, he then passionately opened his eStore and managed to upload all products into his store. He then heard about social media marketing, he open Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter account for his business and finally, he launch his store happily.

Everyone can build, but are they really a skilled builder?

Few months later, he felt something went wrong, he has no traffic, he had some first time visitors, came and went off. Traffic is going South now, he felt demotivated, he didn’t know what to do, he had spent more time in front of the computer than focus on his business, his passion no longer sustains him.

Sound familiar to some of us, the entrepreneurs or retailers?

Create Experience, keep visitors interested

You need to understand that building an eStore is just like building a functional brick and mortar retail store. A store that provides shoppers Great Shopping Experience from the look and feel, colour combination, interior design, lightnings, interaction, and a fast and secure check out system.

Since people can only experience an eStore without actually being in an actual store, creatives play an important part in keeping visitors interested to stay.

“Every eCommerce store has one primary purpose: to lead its visitors down a sales funnel and convert sales.”

Besides great products and fair price, it needs a powerful site that can create a positive &  fraction-less user experience along each shopping process flow to attract and retain its visitors.

Let us share few of our best practices that your eCommerce store developer shall consider to apply for creating an enjoyable online shopping experience.

Rule #1 Everything Starts With Visual

A successful website design starts with effective visual communication with their viewers. it’s important to organise and prioritise content in order to communicate your intended message to your visitors or we called it a strong visual hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind effective web design. In simple explanation, visual hierarchy tells the visitor’s eyes where to look first and how to navigate your design for their smooth viewing transition.

Make your site as easy to navigate as possible. The rule of thumb in your web visual design is the bigger an object is, the more likely the eye will be drawn to it, and the more likely a viewer will click on it.

Hence use large graphics and text to deliver important information, and make them clickable! Consider bold accent colors to showcase links of priority that can help guide visitors down the sales funnel.

Good Visual Samples

A great creative can create powerful impact to attract attention, express meaning, create desire, drive conversions, and even earn a customer’s loyalty.

Shopify Banner Sample | Blog | Meekco AsiaSample 1: Shopify 14-day trial landing page graphic

Let’s refer to one of the top eCommerce software companies’ webpage, how they utilise the visual hierarchy communication by emphasising its primary message with bigger font “Every great business starts with an idea” at their signup page design and also using a striking colour for their Call-For-Action button to deliver their intended message to the viewer.

VivaHealth Banner Example | Blog | Meekco AsiaSample 2: store front sliding banner

We also apply visual hierarchy communication and theme matching colour together with client’s specifications when designing our client’s banner.

Engaging Skilled and Trustable Partner

Engaging an experience builder who can help you design and deliver a web store with clear visual hierarchy implementation, where you can let the real builder build, while you continue to focus on your core strength in other areas of your business that need your priority.

As a result, you save Time and Money which both are important assets to your business.

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