If you noticed, Facebook has rolled out a new layout for your business page (we do not know if this is a beta version as no official announcement from Facebook) since last Friday on the 22nd of July 2016, and we would love to share with you some features in the new layout that can be beneficial to your business’s social media strategy.

1. Profile and Cover Photos

The new layout comes with a clean and clear design with more white space that no longer clamp all the information in one space. A significant difference from the old layout is the profile picture’s position – it no longer blocking the cover photo as shown in the old layout. Thus, it provides more flexibility to the page’s creative designer. Those who like to play with the “integrated” profile and cover photo design, please take note.

FB layout4

2. New Position of CTA Button

A new eye-catching blue colour Call-To-Action button is now located at the right bottom of your cover photo. Hover over to the Learn More button and it will surprise you with a clear pop-up of your written business introduction with a snippet of thumbnail representing your business. To all page admins, make good use of this little feature to promote your business and thank us later.

We have yet to explore more on the other CTA options available, such as Shop Now, Call Now, About Us, etc..

FB layaout1

3. New Side Menu

Now on your left, we have a new side bar menu which sits the tab layout and profile picture. It is a sticky menu design(!),which means our profile picture and tabs will stay on the page as you scroll down. Neat!

4. Business Categories Are Updated

Ever complain about the limited business categories options when creating a Facebook Page? Now Facebook has updated up to 27 business categories cater to the businesses available in this century. Remember to update your business’s category if you think you was “forced” to pick one out of no choice before.

5. New @username for your business

Create a unique @username for your Facebook business page so that people are able to reach you through their Facebook search or even Messenger without going through 10 similar names. You can change this @username setting on your page info. Let’s give your Facebook page a cool @username!

FB layout5


In conclusion, the overall look of the new layout is much cleaner & easier to navigate with clear CTA buttons. The Facebook design & development team has done an amazing job in considering to present a business page in a simple and tidy layout. To expect some minor adjustments to the layout before Facebook launch it officially.

So ,what do you think about the new layout? We want to hear your opinion, be it a positive or negative ones, let’s share us your thoughts!