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Many vendors can setup an eStore for you and you will think that will make your business happily ever after. However, do you know that building an eStore is like building a retail store? Not every store built will get your customer’s attention or get your sales rocket high. Do you ever think about the delivery fulfilment? Payment gateway and security? Not mentioning about the impression and art work. Wait, what about the store’s SEO? Customer’s shopping experience? And much more…

We know yours investment deserve a flowery return, we want to deliver you a profitable business not just an empty store.

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Do not be scared by the Ecommerce jargon, SEO. It is just a term to describe how easy for potential customers to find and reach your store. In analogy of a physical store, how far is your store from the customer’s reach? How obvious is your signboard? How convenient is the local public transport service? etc… In summary, do you know how efficient your store is from the SEO to your eMarketing quality? Does it worth further investment?

Yes, and we provide you a FREE website heath screening and report!

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If your business owns a Facebook page, Congratulations! Because you are potentially connecting to the 307millions Facebook users per day!

We are expert in social media marketing, if you believe in us, you will not only get our content deliverer, script copywriter, photo editor, but you will grab a team of experienced digital business consultant into your sales & marketing team!

We deliver result not project!

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